Epic History X-MEN Volume 3: The Dark Phoenix Saga

► A dramatic retelling of the 1980 X-Men comic arc; “The Dark Phoenix Saga” from Uncanny X-Men #129-138. The Dark Phoenix Saga is one of the most well-known and heavily referenced stories in mainstream American superhero comics, and widely considered a classic. -Wikipedia

► X-MEN Volume 2: The Phoenix Saga.

► X-MEN Volume 1: The 60’s Era.





► Production Credits:
Directed by Tyson Wheeler X – @TysonXIX
See end of video for Full Credits…

► Music Credits:
Stock footage, Sound FX, Music by Videoblocks.com
Stock Photos by Shutterstock images
Stock Music by www.Audiomicro.com
Stock Music by www.Audioblocks.com
Covenant – Epic,

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