Ghost Train II – The Clinchfield Curse Part 12

You all wanted it and waited for this ladies and gentlemen and here you go for here is part 12 of Ghost Train II – The Clinchfield Curse.

As the engines rest in the shed while Halloween begins, the Demon 311 emerges, trapping the engines. Will they become new victims to the curse or will a miracle somehow come out of this?

Brace yourselves for a very dark, emotional and gripping part as more of what 311 was and like as her past reveals more and tells her point of view as to why she has been the Demon for 60 years.

To continue on with this click on the link below that continues on with Part 12.

Part 13


Narrator and Louise

Clinchfield 311 and “Demon 311” – Liz Productions5784 and Madison Thomas

Edward – EnterprisingEngine93

Henry – The Sudrian Metalhead

Duck – CaledonianTwins910

Thomas and Oliver – TankEngine97

Gordon – 4501 GreenMikado aka Seth Cvengros

James – GreyhoundProductions

Emily and Rosie – Liz Productions5784

Jason – Me

David – Pudgemountain

Luke and The CSW President – Thomas1Edward2Henry3

Ariel – Madison Thomas

CSW Manger – Victor Tanzig

Models and Routes – PaulzTrainz, Subpar Productions, Peter’s Trainz, Trainz Pro Routes, Sodor Island 3D, WildNorWester, Camscott, Trainmastet844, TheDirtyTrain1, Colorado71, Trainz Forge, HillTracks Trainz Routes, mondojwan, euphod, Trainzltalia, FattHatt Trainz, NWR3D, worksim, TheJonatees, MilitaryTrainz, K&L Trainz, JointedRail, kellsthorpeworks, Sodor Railways, NorthWest Trainz Shops, Glenwood Shops, Sodor Workshops and Trainz Download Station

SFX by Brandon Polley, G.W Shunter, TheGermanofSodor, thebaladezman, Sound Jay.com and Cinesound

Music by Kevin MacLeod, Toby’s Windmill, Mike O’Donnell and Junior Campbell, Jun Maeda, Anant-Garde Eyes, Keigo Hoashi, Ryuuichi Takada

Edited by me

Demon 311 Model by Pudgemountain

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