Joker Brings His Unhinged Chaos To The Chapel (Batman #48 Review – DC Rebirth)

Batman and The Joker have had a strange relationship in Tom King’s run on Batman, and Batman #48, “The Best Man”, only increases the chaos and insanity. Can Batman and Catwoman make it out alive?
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Ever since “The War Of Jokes And Riddles” we have been wondering when The Joker would make another appearance, and now on the eve of Batman and Catwoman’s wedding, we have our answer. Since the events of WOJAR, Joker seems to have become more unhinged, with an example of these actions showing up in DC Nation #0. However, in “The Best Man” part 1, we see this chaos mixed with some very real moments. Batman Rebirth #48 is strong start to the last arc before the wedding issue and everything is up in the air.

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