River Treasure: I Found a Metal Box Underwater in the River! (Unexplained)

River Treasure: I Found a Metal Box Underwater in the River! (Unexplained)

In this video, while snorkeling in the river, I found some amazing river treasure, including some fake Ray-Bans, a Samsung Galaxy Note 8, and a mysterious metal box. I’m pretty sure it’s a gun or ammo case, but HOW DID IT GET IN THE RIVER?!

*Update* Some of you commented that the box could have contained ashes. Here are some things to consider. Human ashes are actually more of a light gray white color. Also, the silt on the river bottom has a layer of black, which is rich with iron. So it’s much more likely that over time, the current filled the open box with this black iron. If it was ashes, I didn’t even consider it at the time, and I didn’t mean to be disrespectful

If you’re curious, the Note 8 Phone didn’t turn on and didn’t have a memory card inside, so didn’t find the owner.

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