Red Riding Hood Redux 2017

Midday sun is frying the post-industrial landscape. Little Red Riding Hood is on her way to her grandmother’s cottage. She diverts the road and enters an abandoned factory building. In an empty concrete labyrinth, she discovers a black wall covered with a freshly painted graffiti - a large white flower. She exits the factory, proceeds on her way entering the dark forest. A Wolf halts her...

Beverly Hood 1999

When the Washington family wins the lottery they decide to move from the poor south to the hood, Beverly Hood! When the Washington's daughter, Pam, falls for the guy next door the new neighbors really clash.

Robin Hood 1985

With good King Richard away at war, the greedy Sheriff has forced the residents of Nottingham to pay all their money to him. But Robin Hood, with the help of his friend Maid Marion, a spy in the Sheriff's castle, is out to thwart the evil Sheriff and return the Kind to his rightful throne.

Nottingham & Hood

Disney is gearing up to visit Sherwood Forest with Nottingham & Hood, likened to 'Pirates of the Caribbean.' Studio: Walt Disney Pictures. Screenwriter: Brandon Barker

Sket 2011

When a young woman is cruelly and indiscriminately attacked by a notorious gang led by the violent Trey, her little 16 year old sister Kayla wants revenge and will stop at nothing to get it, even if it means joining a rival girl gang led by the volatile and damaged man-hating Danielle.

Bopin' Hood 1961

A trumpet-playing cat and his jazz band invade Ye Olde Squaresville, a kingdom that has outlawed all but the squarest music.

Robin Hood: Ghosts of Sherwood 2011

After selling his soul to a sorceress Robin is killed in battle. Distraught over these horrific turn of events Marian and Little John attempt to resuscitate Robin and his Merry Men. In doing so they inadvertently have turned the one-time heroes into the living dead and worse, the ghostly reincarnations are now hunting down Marian and Little John. So the pair attempt to seek out a new potion that will free these tormented souls from their demonic possession.

Hoodwinked! 2005

Little Red Riding Hood: A classic story, but there's more to every tale than meets the eye. Before you judge a book by its cover, you've got to flip through the pages. In the re-telling of this classic fable, the story begins at the end of the tale and winds its way back. Chief Grizzly and Detective Bill Stork investigate a domestic disturbance at Granny's cottage, involving a karate-kicking Red Riding Hood, a sarcastic wolf and an oafish Woodsman.

Robin des Bois, la véritable histoire 2015

Robin des Bois, with his friend Tuck, are bad guy: they only steal poor, women and old people. They dream to get they own brothel in town, like the Pussycat. They decide to rob Nottingham's tax office, but they meet the Sherwood gang - who steal to rich to feed the poors - with the same idea in mind: Robbing the Nottingham sherif. The true story of Robin des Bois can finally begins!

Trail of Robin Hood 1950

Retired actor Jack Holt is raising Christmas trees for sale at a cost which permits every family to have one. A commercial tree company tries to drive Holt out of business. Roy saves the day, of course.

About the Little Red Riding Hood 1977

A sequel to the well-known story about a Little Red Riding Hood (Krasnaya Shapochka). This time, a family of a slain wolf decides to avenge his death. So they falsely inform Little Red Riding Hood that her grandma is sick and prepare to eat her on her way.

Red Riding Hood 2006

Teenage Claire (Morgan Thompson) would rather hang out with her friends at the mall than to stay home with her brother Matt while Grandma babysits. Who wouldn't? Unfortunately, Grandma isn't about to let Claire out of the house. Worse, she insists that Claire and Matt listen to her reworking of the Brothers Grimm classic tale "Little Red Riding Hood". Fortunately, Grandma has a sense of humor, and adds some modern twists. Claire imagines herself as Red, and her brother, parents and grandma as....her brother, parents and grandma.

Robin's Hood 2003

Robin is a social worker in Oakland on the verge of losing her job for getting too close to her clients; she's African-American and grew up in the neighborhood. She falls for Brooklyn, a White Frenchwoman, who's a thief with dreams of running a motorcycle repair shop. Robin is not only willing to be Brooklyn's lover, she's willing to join in the robberies because she sees community projects that need money: she becomes an anonymous Robin Hood. When her personal life takes a sharp turn and she wants to do one last job, Brooklyn's jealousy flares. Is there any way to resolve these conflicts of love, family, finance, and violence?

Little Red Riding Hood 1922

Mother is making donuts: She throws up a circle of dough, and a cat shoots a hole in it. Later, he fishes them out of the oil with a fishing line; he eats one, and loses all 9 lives. Mother puts together a basket for Red to take to granny. Red uses her cart, which is pushed by her little dog; the cart gets a flat tire, and she inflates a donut to replace it. A wolf (a human lothario) drives by in a flivver, and dashes off to grandma's house, where he finds a note saying she's gone to the movies. He shrinks his car and stashes it in his pocket, then waits for Red, who stopped to watch a dancing flower. Red arrives, and they go into the house, where he attempts to have his way with her. The dog rushes off and gets help from an airplane pilot, who uses a skyhook to remove the house and, ultimately, lift the wolf in his car and drop him in the lake. Written by Jon Reeves

Hood Life

Independent filmmaker Dwayne Brown presents a brutal glimpse of America's urban underbelly with his guerilla-style HOOD LIFE: THE UNCENSORED DOCUMENTARY. Set to a blazing hip-hop soundtrack, the hardhitting doc captures all the poverty, crime, and violence that permeate inner-city life with a collection of real-life street footage taken straight from the nation's toughest 'hoods.

Robin Hood 1933

A Terrytoons cartoon released 22 January 1933.

Robin Hood 2008

Watch the transformation of young Robert Huntington as he becomes the heroic outlaw Robin Hood in this high quality entertaining animated feature for your kids and family. Join Robin Hood and his trusted companions as they dash from one adventure to the next. Robin won’t rest until he saves Maid Marian and restores King Richard to the throne.

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