Superman Rebirth Ends With Memories & A Move To Metropolis (Superman #45 Review)

Superman Rebirth has been one of the best comic books to come out of the event, and that all ends here in Superman #45. It ends with memories, acceptance and more than a few tears.
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I will be the first to admit that I was not a big Superman fan. The big blue boy scout never really struck me as an interesting character, which is crazy since I lived through the Death of Superman era. However, when Peter J Tomasi started writing the death of the New 52 Superman (which was an excellent crossover) and then jumped on Superman Rebirth with Patrick Gleason, I was hooked. The wholesome, grounded nature, and genuine care for his family struck a chord in me that I was only able to appreciate as an older reader. In Superman #45 we see the Tomasi and Gleason run on Superman come to an end before Brian Michael Bendis takes over in July, and it is like a greatest hits. We touch on some of the best points in the series, which just makes me want to reread them all. You will be missed Superman Rebirth, but as big blue says to his son, you must reach outside your comfort zone in order to grow strong.

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