The History of Spider-Man Games Part 1: 1982 – 1992 | Playing With Powers | NowThis Nerd

With a brand-new Spider-Man game just around the corner, we’re exploring the history of Spider-Man videogames in our new series Playing With Powers!
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Footage sources:

Spider-Man (2600):


The Amazing Spider-Man (Amiga):

Dr. Doom’s Revenge:

The Amazing Spider-Man (Game Boy):

Revenge of Shinobi:

The Amazing Spider-Man vs. The Kingpin:

Spider-Man: The Video Game:

Return of the Sinister Six:

Arcade’s Revenge:

The Amazing Spider-Man has been a staple of videogames since the eighties, and throughout the evolution of Spider-Man and the history of Spider-Man, he’s starred in dozens of games. All Spider Man games are unique in their own way, but the best Spider Man games bring the charm, personality, and Spider-Man gameplay that replicates the webslinging action of the Marvel Comics superhero.

From the early Atari Spiderman game to the upcoming Spider Man PS4 game by Insomniac Studios, the Spider Man gameplay we’ve come to know and love has gone through countless iterations over the history of Spider-Man games. From the early consoles and PC games to the arcade, Nintendo NES, Game Boy, and SNES, Sega Genesis or Mega Drive, and beyond, the evolution of Spider-Man games is a complex journey throughout gaming history, and each new Spiderman game brings something completely new to the table.

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