What The Biggest Comic Fans Don’t Know About Spawn

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In 1992, seven of the hottest artists in comics left Marvel to form Image Comics, and before long, one of those artists had a hit on their hands. Todd McFarlane’s Spawn quickly became a phenomenon. The story of a black ops soldier killed in action and resurrected as a supernatural warrior meant to serve the will of Hell, Spawn has turned into a media empire, with almost 300 issues of his own comic, numerous spin-offs, video games, an HBO animated series, a live-action movie, and more. From the fairly public legal battles to the character’s surprising secret origin, here are the stories about Spawn that you won’t find on the comic page…

Sweet Sixteen | 0:44
So many powers | 1:34
A landmark in diversity | 2:26
Spawn goes digital | 3:40
The unreleased crossover | 4:19
The war over Angela | 5:05
Taking back the reins | 5:54

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