X-Men Monday Ep. 52: X-mas Gift List


Ryan, Allen, Anthony, and Rob all join forces in some way or another to review all the X-Men books released last week. There is some great discussion among the episode and we thank you for taking the time to hear our rambles. Thanks for your continued support!
Intro/News (0:00), Dazzler #1 (5:54), Astonishing X-Men #12 (26:01), X-Men Red #5 (44:31), Weapon X #19 (1:10:38), X-Men Gold #29 (1:12:18), Fastball Tweets/General Discussion (1:27:39)Want to support the podcast? Check out our Patreon: by Retcon X & Ongface: us on Twitter @UncannyNrdvrs and join the #XMENMONDAY thread every NCBD!

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